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Agreed! I went to a concert in Japan where the fans are visibly more matured (more aunties, and working adults), and the atmosphere was really different. However, some of them are still very energetic!

HAAHA! That mirrorman spot. Gosh, the queue was that bad? Well, you should have gone to the tourist and explained about the spot ne! Arashi ambassador! I bet the security guard didn't know the reason nya.


Wherever Arashi go, the fans will follow ;D


hallo!! finally back to SG after long travelling!! it is so tiring! how i wish Arashi is just at my doorsteps and i do not have to travel around! I really feel much more relax during kinki con! Don't have to be in this fighting mode! haha.. Like queuing for concert goods! I have to run for the goods and the staffs there had to use loud speaker to keep asking fans to stop running but nobody cares and everyone is basically running for the goods!

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