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Happy New Year, Simone! It's been a long time.

KK Con... is this like a closure thingy for you? ^__^

anyway, good luck and have fun!


no this is not a closure for me. I have always wanted to watch a KK con and now i get to fulfil my wish! ;)


your first time? i tot u gone before?
haha, but finally ah..complete...and i think u will be addicted and go for more..have safe journey~
i'm sure now u dun feel excited but go KK den go Arashi..confirm damn high..
make sure KK, wear high heels ah~ at least can see..haha!


ah i see... awww.. dream come true. Maybe after this con, you'll like them as much as before. teehee...Have fun!


the one i went is Endlicheri con but first time to kk con. yeah!

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