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well I posting in my vox n_n but all is in spanish u__u so many of my neigh can't understand T-T i write in spanish because to me is difficult u_ú  express myself in english O.O  gomen u_u


But I always post in my neigh in english  n_n


haha..i wont be deleting my neighbours. Even if the posts are in foreign language I will also keep them as my neighbours so dont worry!





i hope u can keep me ne~

thanks for all the posts! i appreciate it so much though i dont comment (Gomen~ m(__)m)

La Tormenta

i hope i can stay in your neighboorhood...i always post in my vox but in spanish xD...i'll try to comment u often..but my english is bad ...thanks^^


pls keep me...


Hallo.. It's ok that your Vox is in Spanish.. I do read ur vox too.. but is limited to seeing pictures. haha..  


why poke me? haha..


it's ok for not commenting. I wont be deleting neighbours becos of that.. the notice is more for new neighbours who just come to my blog and just add me without any post in their own Vox..


I wont be deleting you !


to make you feel that I'm still breathing in your neighborhood. hehehe


HI Simone-san,

I feel safe to read from entries above that you won't delete your neighbours, thanks for this.

please don't delete me, I didn't comment much at your vox but I have been reading your vox very often.  I enjoy being your neighbours


haha..yes yes..  I'm not doing a massive clean up. is just tt some members left vox completely so doing one time clean up since they are gone for good..

The notice is sort of more relevent for newcomers..


pls keep me? *puppy dog eyes* ^^;;;


my problem is I don`t have vox page.and I don`t have time for to have one......how can I do?..I don`t want you delete me T_T.in this moment I can`t see your complete version of your webpage


haha.. u are not in my neighbour list.. but I have added you. you should be able to see my posts now.


u are having posts in ur vox so of cos I will keep u.. puppy eyes? kawaii..  when talking abt puppy eyes the image of Nino will be floating around! haha


thank you very much simone^_^vand tell me what can I do for to help...thank you for all the news


Hello, I'd like to be added/kept in your neighborhood.  Nope, I don't post on my vox, mainly because I don't have anything to offer (in the way of downloads, scans, translations, videos, subs, fanwork, etc.) and anything I could possibly say on fandom has been said already and probably much better than I could anyway, but I still enjoy the fandom and like to participate with everyone when possible. 

p.s. I do occasionally update my LJ which is inuhariko@LJ.


No problem.. u are still in my neighbour list


hi! i am still here...i may not post much because i am busy with work but i am still an arashi addict...


Hi! I'm sorry that I don't update my own vox since it's just for commenting purposes...but...I hope you could still keep me as a neighbor...I really enjoy reading your posts! m(^_^)m


no worries.. u are still my neighbour. thanks.. glad tt u enjoy reading my posts.


ya understand no problem..cos I will also disappear and then reappear! haha..


am i still on your list? :)

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