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haha, go with us watch ah...confirm i will be LOL-ing away..dunno why...nino in leather suits...i start to laugh..it's not funny but it's not those lil girl kind of giggle also...haha!

La Tormenta

yay for u!


I knew that Gantz will sure be showing in Singapore. I was still telling my friend tt I am quite confident that it will be shown. Not becos of Nino but becos of Matsuyama Kenichi cos he is quite famous in SG becos of DeathNote and also the nature of the movie is more sellable. I watch a bit of the anime and read a bit of the manga as well. Nino's suit is ok or looks better than i imagine! haha.. but he looks really tiny in it!!


ya! Finally feel excited again !


[this is good] YAY! happy!~ i cant wait for tat day to come, even though its gonna be way too far from the day of release ! XD


haha.. comfort urself by thinking good things are worth waiting for?! haha.. I think is also too long most probably becos doing the CG special effects are time consuming!


yeah! for me, i think it's really more of the manga and matsuken...my bro heard of the manga..so when i told him..he was like fuuu...wan to watch...
haha, nino shld look gd in the suit..but yeah..agree with u...tiny!



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